Rehabilitation services

Cardiac rehabilitation

Our cardiac rehabilitation process involves three stages, which occur at different levels of recovery, both as an inpatient and as an outpatient.

Phase one

Deals with the patient's stabilization in the Intensive Care Unit and preparation for post-hospital care.

Phase two

Activates the outpatient-oriented program after discharge from the hospital. The attending physician puts together a prescription for exercise, administered by a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation nurse. This activity includes continuous electrocardiograph monitoring, which corresponds with the patient's safe functional capacity. The patient's progress is evaluated and reported to the physician at regular intervals until exercise sessions can be completed safely at home.

Phase three (outreach)

Available for patients who have completed phase two and wish to continue an exercise/education program. (Phase three is not covered by insurance.)

Cardiac stress testing (treadmill and pharmacologic) is offered Monday through Friday in cooperation with Nuclear Medicine Imaging Services.

Ambulatory heart monitoring is provided for outpatients.

Contact information

For more information, please call the physical therapy and rehabilitation department at 513.664.3800.

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