Message from the Director

Mary Bennett 
Your gifts to McCullough-Hyde Hospital Trust enable the hospital to do many things we could not do otherwise, all of which enhance our status as an award-winning quality healthcare institution with very high patient–satisfaction scores. Your gifts help us implement our patient-centered strategy, where all decisions are guided by what improves things for our patients. We are able to underwrite projects that allow us to put an emphasis on creating a healing environment in all of our spaces.

The Trust uses your gifts to support three areas of need at the hospital – Equipment, Education, and Services. Here are three examples of what your gifts have done in the last 15 years in each of these areas of need:

Equipment Needs
Attracting and retaining quality healthcare staff is a constant challenge. However, because of your gifts, McCullough-Hyde is able to offer both professional healthcare training and on-going continuing education to many staff members. This support helps us attract and retain valuable healthcare professionals.

For example, our Professional Development Assistance Program has been in effect since 2001, and has spent more than $1 million to train 80 healthcare staff in areas such as nursing, physical therapy, imaging, pharmacy, laboratory, surgery assistant, medical coding, and sleep technology.

Your gifts also fund annual continuing education seminars, workshops, and online training for all staff to help them retain their professional licenses.

Services Needs

The Rogers Employee Emergency Endowment provides assistance to employees who may need support with personal or financial emergencies; the Helen Weinberger Endowment provides support for women’s health services through the Oxford Free Clinic.

Please contact me anytime with questions or concerns at 513.664.3850 or

Kindest Regards,
Mary A. Bennett, Chief Development Officer

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