Donor recognition

Our donors are recognized in our ANNUAL DONOR REPORT, which is mailed to all donors early each summer and depicts the previous year. This publication lists these individuals and the names of those memorialized and honored. A recap of how the TRUST used these donated funds is also included.


Donor recognition levels

The graphic above explains the cumulative giving levels upon which the Donor Wall listing is based. For instance, donors who have cumulatively given $12,000 are placed in the Patron category and are listed on the Patron panel of the Donor Wall. Each giving level is listed on a separate panel on the Donor Wall.

In addition, the DECADE SOCIETY recognizes all donors on the Donor Wall who have given to the hospital for 10 years or more. The VISIONARY SOCIETY recognizes donors who have made a planned gift through a will, life insurance policy, or a deferred trust. The SUSTAINING DONOR category recognizes donors who have committed to a recurring gift of at least $500 annually.

Donor Wall

Donors who cumulatively give more than $250 in a single calendar year are also listed on the hospital's Donor Wall. The wall is organized by cumulative giving levels ranging from Friends ($250) to the Philanthropist Society ($500,000).  DECADE, VISIONARY and SUSTAINING Donors are recognized on separate panels. The Donor Wall is updated each spring to recognize new donors and donors who have moved to a different giving level.  It is located across from the Founders' Fountain off the hospital's main lobby.

Donor's own words


Don and Teri Becker

The majority of our professional lives as pharmacists have been dedicated to McCullough-Hyde—Don for 36 years and Teri for 23 years. We admire McCullough-Hyde physicians, administrators and the entire hospital staff. It is rewarding to be a devoted member of the team and see everyone work together for the benefit of the patient.

Through the years our family has experienced the hospital's excellent inpatient and outpatient care, and four of our five children were born here. We think of the hospital and staff as our second home and extended family. We feel that contributing to the Hospital Trust is a way to honor our parents, who taught us dedication and commitment; to pay tribute to co-workers and hospital staff; and to support hospital education and growth. We believe in, and we encourage others to support, the mission, vision and values of McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital through gifts and memorials to the Trust.


Jim and Opal Wespiser

Opal spent her youth in Franklin County, Ind., where seven generations of the Bourne family resided. She has ancestral ties to the Hydes, whose gifts helped build this hospital. Opal met Jim at McGuffey School, from which they graduated. They were married in 1959 and have two sons, Ryan and Randall. Jim is one of five generations of Wespisers who have lived in and contributed to the Oxford community. With his two brothers, Jim continued a family business of nearly 90 years. Opal taught school in Oxford, which reinforced their belief in the importance of education and motivated them to create an endowment for the education of all McCullough-Hyde staff. Their endowment honors a local physician and friend, Dr. James A. Goldey.


Mike and Judy Douglass

When we moved to Brookville, Ind., in the late 1960s, we felt fortunate to find a hospital so close to home that provided outstanding and compassionate care. In 1997, Judy was asked to serve as a member of the board of trustees of McCullough-Hyde. She served on the Development Committee, Quality Committee, Building Committee and as board chair for two years. It was during her 10-year tenure on the board that we came to fully understand just how important a strong Trust is to the functioning of the hospital. We firmly believe that adding McCullough-Hyde to our annual giving list is an important way we can help ensure that the hospital autonomously continues to serve us and our neighbors in Liberty, Brookville and the region far into the future.


Dr. and Mrs. Terry Hunt

McCullough-Hyde has dramatically changed in the 30-plus years we have lived in Oxford. We would like to ensure that it will continue to grow and change. We believe that this area deserves the best in health care. We have supported McCullough-Hyde through the years and have included it in our estate planning as a way to ensure the continuation of quality health care for generations to follow. We hope you will join us in planning similar gifts for the future.


Dr. and Mrs. Charles Teckman

For many years we have valued McCullough-Hyde's service to our community. As a registered nurse, Joan admired the pioneering work of Dr. Garvin McClain in revolutionizing the Maternity Department. She also supervised Miami University nursing students in obstetrics and saw two of her own grandchildren born here. Our interest was further enhanced by two family members who served on the board of directors: brother-in-law John Haskins and Joan's father, Dr. Walter McNelly. We have joined many other families in giving to the hospital to ensure quality health care for future generations.

Chewning family

Randall Chewning Family

My Dad taught me to give back to my employer, because they give so much to me. McCullough-Hyde has given me a lot in the 34 years I've worked here and has become my extended family. My husband and I take great pride in giving to the Hospital Trust, and we hope our family and yours will continue the tradition for years to come.


Michael and Terry Beck

I cannot begin to express our heartfelt gratitude for the care we received. From the moment I arrived at the emergency room, the care was at all times professional, expedient and caring. As part of the Oxford community, we realize how blessed we are to have a facility like McCullough-Hyde.


Neal and Melanie Carlson

It's important for people in a community to support their hospital, because you never know when it might be you, your family or your friends who need it.

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